Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Yahoo's Coffehouse & UK Lily

I didn't realize, until of late when I checked this blog, that I haven't made a post in over four months, wow.

What have I been up to in that hiatus; not exactly on blogging hiatus as I have been terribly busy with my other blogs and other websites that I maintain.

As far as music is concerned I have been listening a lot to the Yahoo Coffeehouse radio channel, excellent music, great programming with a good mix of songs from a variety of genres.

I have found several new artists to check out on this channel, some of which have become personal favorites.

Aside from always being tuned in to the Coffeehouse channel, I have had my hands full with the band I am playing guitar for... UK Lily. It is pretty much a cover band with a group of friends, guys I have known and some I have been in previous bands... without a doubt all successful in their own right; each with their own performing and recording successes.

Which is a bit strange because all of us have had bands in the past that were all published and recorded and here we are now, doing covers of 80s songs. But not just your usual 80s songs though, these are 80s songs we grew up to... songs that probably have had a significant influence in those formative years in our lives when were discovering what music was good for us, and establishing our musical preferences.

The band does not have a website though; I mean, it is probably just a hobby band for the guys as we sometimes do not have time for rehearsals because each member is busy with work/business or whatever keeps them occupied.

But who knows, maybe one day we might start writing original music and would maybe need a website to promote it.