Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blogging Myself to Bed.. Again

Wasn't this something I used to do? Isn't it something you still do? Well, yeah.. after a movie, half asleep and not quite ready to doze of yet, there's the nightly blog. Sort of like the 2nd punch of a 1-2 combo, the first one just enough to stagger... the second one to put the lights out. But well, blogging... a part from starting with the same letter, is certainly far from boxing, less bloody.. and yes I admit remotely exciting, especially if its me on the keyboard.

Oh well...

Some months ago, I was seated comfortably, leaning back into the cushion as some friends of mine chattered and talked, and I just sat there spacing out; just on my second beer and already buzzing and ready to fall asleep. Gone is the formidable guzzler.

The people I am with are oblivious to the nearly passed out dope, and the music playing in the background that they are totally drowning out with their own ecstatic voices, when this song comes on and everybody just shuts up for a split second and then react... all in a unanimous affirmation that any really good song can elicit.

There are those songs which I haven't heard in like years and years, since my being out of radio for like 7 years now, sort of retiring from it back in 2000 or was it 2001. I am so not in touch with whatever is pop and on the radio, but I dont really care much too cos all you hear on the radio is piss and crap. The really good ones are those that you dont hear on the radio at all.

Anyways, going back.

About that song, we all reacted to; I finally got me a copy of the song; not that it was hard to find.. I just forgot to remind myself to go get a copy, or find one.. if you know what I'm saying.

And I finally have it...

Cry... by the Sundays, from 1997.