Monday, February 26, 2007

One Thing You Probably Didnt Know

... yes you probably didn't, unless you are a client.

There's something you really don't know about me, but wait... yes actually there's a lot, but let's talk about this one thing.

For about fifteen years now, I have made quite a lucrative "hobby" off radio commercial production. Yes, it means what it means, I make... commercials/ads. What do I mean by make? I can conceptualize, write, and produce (either voice it or engineer it or both). Notice that I put the word hobby in quotations, because that's just what it is... a hobby that just happens to give me few extra bucks.

Now why did I get into this mode in the first place?

Right after work I had to rush home, to my little home studio (on the PC) and had to record something really quick, something that needed to be on the air immediately. Skipping dinner, and only getting the chance to eat when the job is done, and the client who commissioned the ad says ok, it'll do... but actually they don't just say it'll do.. it varies from good, to very good, to very nice. But personally there are those ads, especially the rush-rush ones that make me cringe when I hear them, hoping for them to just stop airing.

Anyways, going back to my story, the reason I was thinking about how many years I had been producing ads was because I spent the whole night making one, and the reason why I wanted to blog about it was because in the course of producing the ad, I had to do some internet research and found on the internet the very first album I ever had, the very first one I bought out of my own money, and I think if I remember right, that cassette cost me P40 or was it P45. Probably one of the best pop albums of all time, and it came out when i was in high school, and of course everyone was gaga over it... everyone my age that is, hehehe.

So, that album?

Songs From the Big Chair by Tears for Fears!

Well technically not my first album, because a year earlier I bought a compilation cassette which only showed the song titles and not the artists, which was quite a rip-off because one song on it which was Jump and I was expecting it to be the Van Halen song, turned out to be the Pointer Sisters' Jump. I wanted to jump and stop on the tape even. Now, what made it a rip off was, that it wasn't even the original artists, but covers made by guess who, noone knows who those freaks singing on the tape were. So total rip-off I say, which is why Songs From the Big Chair by TFF does qualify to be my first every album.

... And that's all I have to say about that.


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